Welcome to Friendship Church!

At Friendship Church you will meet friendly people who will accept you just the way you are. Young or old, single or married, everyone is welcome. After all, Friendship is our first name!

We meet at 45 West Second Street, Waynesboro, PA. Every Sunday we come together for a worship service that begins at 10:15 AM. For more information about meeting times and location, contact us.

About Us

Friendship Baptist Church is a place where…

… you are always welcomed and accepted just the way you are.

… the teachings are relevant and music is meaningful.

… you have an opportunity to develop your gifts and talents.

A Note from our Pastors

A Note from the Pastor Bill

Jesus Christ in the central focus of our message. His love and forgiveness are our hope for eternal life and the source of our strength for everyday life.

My purpose as pastor is to help you grow and develop into the person God wants you to be. My deep desire is that you will experience the presence and power of the Living God.

God Bless!
Pastor Bill Burcher

A Note from the Pastor Dave

MERCY is not getting what you deserve and GRACE is getting what you don’t deserve!

My purpose as pastor is to ensure that you have the opportunity to experience both the mercy and grace that comes to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. May the presence of the Holy Spirit fill your lives richly.

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